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  • Our KickStart Beginner Video Series to get you started with Kickboxing & Fitness
  • Our Motivation BluePrint to keep you on track and feeling inspired
  • Our No Equipment, At Home Workouts to get you smiling and sweating!

Ready to feel motivated, energised and empowered?

Then we may have something for you.

We've empowered hundreds of people just like you over the years to feel healthier, happier, and to not take things too seriously.

Martial Arts & Fitness classes can be an intimidating place, but at Empower we aim to make everyone feel welcome, included and comfortable from the get go!

We're now giving away 3 free resources to get you started!

  • Our KickFit video course detailing basic Kickboxing and Fitness along with some fun drills and exercises
  • Our Motivation BluePrint to keep you fired up - starting is easy, maintaining is harder!
  • Our at home workout guide requiring no equipment, and scaleable to whatever your fitness level.

Get access to our 'KickFit' bundle right now & take that first step to Empowering yourself.

Includes Video Course, Motivation E-Book & At Home Workout Guide.

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